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 Hermosa Middle School
Team 7 Handbook
Burt Bowles
Jennifer Didde
Loretta Haley
Sue Henke
Jody Laughlin
Seth Levine
Robin Lostak
Brianne Salazar-Haskill
Vickie Sheley
Richie Valdez           

                Daily Schedule                           EarlY Release
                                                                           (1st/3rd Wednesdays)
                8:30-9:20       First Period                            8:30-8:55       First Period
                9:24-10:10      Second Period                           8:59-9:20       Second Period
                10:14-11:00     Third Period                            9:24-9:45       Third Period
                11:04-11:50     Fourth Period                           9:49-10:10      Fourth Period
                11:50-12:20     LUNCH                                   10:14-10:35     Fifth Period
                12:24-1:0       Fifth Period                            10:39-11:00     Sixth Period
                1:14-2:00       Sixth Period                            11:04-11:25     Seventh Period
                2:04-2:50       Seventh Period                          11:29-11:50     Home Room
                2:55-3:25       Home Room                                     NO LUNCH SERVED

Parents and Students:
        Welcome to Hermosa Middle School and 7th grade! We are looking forward to a fun and challenging school year. Please read the following information carefully; complete both sides of the final page, as well as the page that asks you to tell us about your child. Your student will need to return the last two pages to his/her homeroom teacher. Please keep this handbook for a quick reference. Should you misplace it, the handbook is also posted on each of our websites.      Please feel free to contact us at 599-8612 or through our e-mail. Because of various duty schedules, appointments will be necessary for conferences.                                                                                            Team 7 Teachers
        Phillip (Burt) Bowles  
Subjects:   NM History/Geography and Humanities
Years of experience: 4 years
Years at Hermosa: 4 years
Voicemail: 599-8612 ex. 5178
        Jennifer Didde
Subjects: Math and English
Years of experience: 11 years
Years at Hermosa: 11 years
Email address:  jdidde@fms.k12.nm.us
Voicemail: 599-8612 ex. 5214
        Vickie Funk-Sheley
Subjects: Science and Science Fair
Years of experience: 13 years
Years at Hermosa: 3 years
Voicemail: 599-8612 ex. 5298
           Loretta Haley
Subject: Special Education
Years of experience:  25 years
Years at Hermosa:  24 years
Email address:  lhaley@fms.k12.nm.us
Voicemail: 599-8612 ex. 5350
        Robin Lostak
Subjects: 7th grade math, 8th grade history
Years of experience: 11 years
Years at Hermosa: 2 years
Email address: rlostak@fms.k12.nm.us
Voicemail: 599-8612 ex. 5529
Mission Statement
Our objectives this year include teaching all 7th graders study skills, organization, responsibility, social skills, and work ethic so that they may be successful with their higher education.
Classroom Expectations: The 3 RÕs
1. Be Ready: Be on time, have supplies, complete your homework,
and be prepared.   
2. Be Responsible: Be responsible for your own actions, behavior,
                and learning
.                                         3. Be Respectful: Respect yourself, respect others, and respect all property.                            
Disruption of the learning process and behavioral infractions will result in the following consequences:
        1. Classroom Intervention: After third offense, parent contact and lunch detention
        2. Team Intervention: Parent contact, Team/Student conference lunch detention
            After third offense, parent contact and one day of ISS (In School Suspension)
        3. Parent meeting with student, teachers, and administration
            After second offense, parent contact and one day of OSS
        4.  Referral to Administrator
        Severe infractions such as fighting, profanity, possession of drugs, alcohol or          weapons, damage to or theft of property, gang related behavior, truancy, sexual harassment or any other serious offense will result in an immediate office referral that may result in Out of School Suspension (OSS).

Dress Code
Students will be expected to follow the dress code as it is outlined in their agenda.
--Any student wearing an inappropriate shirt will be given an appropriate shirt to wear. This shirt must be washed and returned in exchange for the shirt that was confiscated.
--Pants that are deemed too large will be cinched up with a plastic tie.

                   Assignment and Homework Policy
* Daily assignments are due at the end of class.
      No late work will be accepted.
* Long-term projects/assignments will only be accepted on the due date.
* Homework must be turned in on time for full credit. Homework assignments that are turned in late will receive a reduction in grade.ONE day late: 20-25% reductionNO HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED MORE THAN ONE DAY PAST THE DUE DATE!
                                  (Exceptions may be made due to emergency situations.)
                                   Assignment and Homework Guidelines
All seventh grade students will have nightly homework. Students will be expected to read 30 minutes each night and complete math homework as well as any other subjects that are assigned.
*  Each student will be provided with an agenda to record daily assignments. If a student        loses the agenda, replacements may be purchased for $5.00.*  BOOKS MUST BE COVERED.
                       ASSIGNMENTS GUIDELINES
1. Work turned in must be neat and legible.
2. Pencil or pen (blue or black ink only) may be used on all other assignments.
   Only colored pencil or ink may be used for   grading.
3. Students will label all papers with the proper heading:
        Full Name                       Example:        Karla Henke
        Date                                            8/23/06
        Subject/Period                          English 3rd
        Page and item #Õs                               p. 26 #1-10
ACADEMIC FIELD TRIPSEach semester Team 7 tries to plan an academic field trip for all students. Only those students who have been assigned Off Campus Suspension will be ineligible.

Report Cards and Progress Reports
- Team 7 teachers will send home grade checks EVERY Tuesday. These weekly report   should be signed by a parent/guardian and returned the following school day for extra credit.
- Report cards will be issued every nine weeks.
- For daily access to your studentÕs grades, log on to: http://ps.fms.k12.nm.us/public/
           Please see our counselor, Linda Murphy, for the necessary password.
Student absences must be phoned in to the office no later than 10:00 a.m. the first day of the absence. A written excuse must be given to the student on the day of his/her return. Students will need to report to the office before the first bell to receive an admit slip before returning to class.IT IS THE STUDENTÕS RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK FOR THE MISSED ASSIGNMENTS AND DUE DATES.
Students have two days for each day of an EXCUSED absence to turn in make-up work. Make-up work for an UNEXCUSED absence may be accepted at the teacherÕs discretion.

Any work assigned before a student is absent is due on the day of the studentÕs return to school, if the due date has passed.

Students who are absent for music, sports, or any other school-sponsored activity must pick up missing work BEFORE they leave campus. Due dates are not extended.
If a student has been absent TWO OR MORE CONSECUTIVE days, you may contact the school and request the make-up work. The make-up work may be picked up on the following day at the office. Make-up work that is requested should be completed and turned in when the student returns to school.
Homework Tips for Parents:
                (from Classroom Instruction That Works by       Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock)
·       Set up a quiet, consistent, and organized place and time
       and do the assignment·  Discuss with your child the skills and knowledge being used for the assignment
MATH SYLLABUS: Jody Laughlin, Jennifer Didde, and Robin Lostak
Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
We will be working on many exciting concepts this year. By the end of this year, students should be proficient at the following:
Fractions: Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
Decimals: Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing
Percents: Changing to fraction or decimal and back again, finding percent of a quantity, computing commission, sales tax, and interest.
Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers
Exponents and powers, square roots
Scientific notation
Pythagorean Theorem
Circles: Pi, radius, circumference, diameter, area
Solids: Cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid
Angles: Complimentary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent
Similar vs. Congruent shapes
Solve 2 step equations
Graph equations
ENGLISH SYLLABUS:              Sue Henke, Jennifer Didde, Burt Bowles
After following the standards set by the state of New Mexico,
by the end of this year, seventh grade students should be able to:      Apply grammar and language skills to be able to:
* Identify all parts of speech and types of sentences
* Correctly punctuate sentences
* Spell correctly by applying the spellings of bases and affixes
* Evaluate words for multiple meanings
* Use a variety of sentences correctly
* Proofread to correct errors in grammar, spelling, usage and punctuation
        Demonstrate competency in the writing process through:          
                * Composing a variety of sentences including simple, compound and complex
                 * Writing well-organized paragraphs      
                 * Composing multi-paragraph expository essays
                 * Composing a variety of writings that develop sentence fluency

READING SYLLABUS:                Brianne Salazar-Haskill and Sue Henke
This class will provide students with various opportunities to acquire the knowledge of the
7th grade New Mexico Standards and Benchmarks for Language Arts, particularly those for Reading:
*  Respond to informational materials that are read by making connections to related topics/information, summarizing the information, using interpretive and evaluative reading processes, generating questions, drawing inferences, and determining the importance of information*  Understand context and vocabulary
*  Interpret and synthesize information by responding to information that is read.                   
   *  Use the problem-solving process to refine understanding by analyzing problems and solutions within various texts and situations              and utilize the problem-solving process within various contexts and situations
*  Determine how the use of literary devices such as personification, metaphor, simile, and alliteration convey the  author's intent.             
*  Identify the effect of literary devices such as figurative language, diction, dialogue, and description.                     
    *  Accurately identify author's purpose and perspective.
*  Critique the credibility of characterization and the degree to which a plot is contrived or realistic    *  Interpret universal themes and conflicts in a selection as well as identify recurring themes
in literary works             
*  Understand stories and expository texts from the perspective of the attitudes of the time period in which they were written                  
Burt Bowles and Seth Levine
·       To develop an understanding of New MexicoÕs past, present, and future.  
·       To develop an understanding of the physical and human geography of our world.
·       To gain an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity in our world.
·       To develop critical thinking skills, critical analysis, and rational thinking skills in the context of New Mexico History and Geography.
·       To begin the process of looking at the world from different cultural, social, and political perspectives.
Methods:Through the use of lecture, hands-on activities, group discussions, individual and group projects, and readings from a variety of sources, we will be taking a detailed look at New Mexico History from prehistory through World War II. Students will get an overview of the worldÕs physical features, its cultural diversity, and its political and economic systems. Current events will also be discussed.
Every student is responsible for his or her own learning!  Students are expected to bring everything needed for class every day. They will also be expected to take part in class discussions, in-class assignments, homework assignments, and group and individual projects. Failure to meet these expectations will result in a failing grade.

Vickie Sheley and Richie Valdez
Our goal for science in 7th grade is to teach students about a variety of science concepts.  In addition, we will be emphasizing those skills that students will need for the remainder of their middle school experience, including hands-on lab experiences, with an emphasis on lab safety.
We will use the district-adopted textbook, supplemented with other appropriate materials.  Class time will include a mix of lecture, discussion, examples, group activities, note-taking skills, and relevant assignments.  Students will also have many experiences exploring and experimenting in a lab setting, thus making attendance a critical portion of their grade.   
Subject Matter to be covered:
·       Scientific method and lab safety
*Science Fair is not required of all 7th grade students, only those who opt to take the science fair class.
Evaluation:Students will be evaluated and assessed using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, classroom participation, quizzes, tests, class work and homework completion and accuracy.  As lab participation is a critical and integral part of the 7th grade science experience, attendance is critical.  Lab time missed cannot be made-up. The studentÕs grade as well as their personal learning will be affected.

All students will be expected to participate in all science labs and follow the safety rules. Parents, if you have concerns, please contact your studentÕs science teacher.

                                   Hermosa Middle School Library
Library hours: 8:00 am-4:00 pm (closed 30 minutes for lunch)
Librarian: Mrs. Delaney    ldelaney@fms.k12.nm.us   599-8612
*Be responsible, courteous and respectful
*Food and drinks of any kind are not allowed
*Make good use of library timeCirculation:
*Regular books are checked out for 10 weekdays-late fines are .10 per day per book.  
*Overnight, 3 day and 7 day books/materials have fines of .20 per day if turned in late.*Students may be restricted from attending school dances if they have fines and/or overdue books.
Food and drinks
Water bottles are allowed in class. Students may purchase water at school or bring in bottles from home. No other drinks will be permitted. Food is allowed in some classrooms. Gum is allowed in all.
                                               SUPPLY LIST
SUPPLIES FOR HOMEROOM:   2 boxes of tissue, 1 ream of copy paperALL TEACHERS REQUIRE:  loose-leaf paper, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, pencils, highlighter, and pens (blue, black, and color for grading) ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES  RER QUIRED BY TEACHER
MATH                                                                        SCIENCE
Laughlin:  metric/inches ruler                                   Sheley:  1Ó 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers
        folder  w/brads and pockets                                    composition book           
                                                       scientific calculator (dual power)
               graph paper (at least Ó grid)                   Valdez:   1Ó 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers
                                                       compass and protractor                                          composition book
                                                         composition book                                                     metric/inches ruler
                                                      fine-tip dry erase marker     
                                     Didde       1Ó 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers                                       LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                metric/inches ruler                                      Henke:  2 folders w/brads and pockets
                                                 compass                                                                  composition book         
                                                    scientific calculator (dual power)              
                                                                                                        1-subject notebooe                 
Lostak:    1Ó 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers                                           
                                                              scientific calculator (dual power)    
                                                                 graph paper (at least Ó grid)                                                                                                                                                                                  metric/inches ruler                                      
                                            Haskill:  1Ó 3-ring binder w/5 dividers                         
                                                             small post-its (2 packs),
                                            Henke: folder w/pockets and brads
                                             Haley: composition book   

                                    Bowles: composition book                                         
                                                 1" 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers
                                             jump drive                                                               
                                    Levine:  1Ó 3-ring binder w/ 5 dividers                             Please note: Teachers may require additional supplies
                                 graph paper                                                   throughout the school year.

PG rated films will be shown on occasion in classes. If you object to this activity, please write a note stating that you DO NOT want your student to participate.

I have read and understand the seventh grade expectations. I agree to follow these policies, rules, and procedures to ensure that I have a successful and fun school year.

Student Name

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Student Signature                                                         Date                                                                              

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                        EVERY TUESDAY.