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1. THE USER AGREES TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY in supervising the activities at the theater and surrounding area.

2. Due to safety regulations NO facility user shall be given access to TCPAT without the Theater Manager being present.

3. Equipment load-ins and or decorating times must be coordinated with the Theater Manager in accordance with ACCESS SCHEDULE.

4. All user groups, organizations, and individuals must follow State of New Mexico laws and the current philosophy, mission, policies, rules, and regulations set forth by the Farmington Municipal School System.

5. No food or drinks are allowed in the lobby, auditorium, onstage, backstage, or any adjacent corridors.

6. The use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tobacco is prohibited on any school property.

7. Any user that is a part of the Farmington Municipal School District must arrange for adequate uniformed security or police officers for the activity as deemed appropriate by the District. This must be arranged through the Theater Manager.  Any Non-District user will use security that will be provided by the school district at a set fee.

8. User will be on site at all times before, during, and after the event.

9. User will not sublet these facilities or equipment or allow their use by unapproved others without the prior written consent of the school superintendent

10. No one is allowed on ladders, catwalks, or control rooms without prior consent of the district. All personnel/users working in the theater do so at their own risk

11. No one is to set up or patch into sound or light systems without prior consent of the Theater Manager.

12. Maximum seating capacity is 799 and total occupancy (lobby, adjacent rooms/areas) shall not exceed 1,025.

13. Events may not begin before 8:00 am and the facility must be closed by 10:00 pm

14. AN INVENTORY AND INSPECTION OF FACILITIES to be used shall be made by the Theater Manager and user's designated supervisor. The user group is responsible for all clean up and damage repair; however, a damage/cleanup deposit is required in the amount of $500. This deposit will be used to pay for cleanup if needed.  Unless prearranged, all users must leave the theater facility in the same condition (cleaned) as they found it.

15. Placement of other equipment, including risers, sound, and specialty equipment must be approved by the Theater Manager so as to avoid damage to lighting and district equipment or the facility.

16. Any and all request for equipment including Orchestra Shell, microphones, projectors, staging and props MUST be made via the TCPAT Reservation and Agreement form at least TWO (2) weeks in advance or equipment availability cannot be guaranteed.

17. Either party shall NOTIFY THE OTHER IMMEDIATELY if there is a CANCELLATION of an activity. The person designated by the user to supervise such activities agrees to USE THE FACILITY ONLY AT TIMES INDICATED IN THE REQUEST, to allow participants and spectators in the facility only at times designated, and to allow no one in the facility unless said person is present.

18. If there becomes a conflict over usage between the participant and the district, the district has priority.

19. Proof of insurance, payment, and deposit for the use of the facilities are to be made at least two weeks in advance to the Theater Manager.

20. In the event that district employees such as cafeteria or custodial staff are employed to work at an activity, they will be compensated at their regular hourly district rate. If the employee has exceeded forty hours in a workweek, then he/she will be compensated at one and one-half times the regular hourly rate. Compensation for employees will be processed by the regular time sheet procedure through their district supervisor.

21. All non-Farmington Municipal School applicants requesting use of school facilities shall furnish a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE in the amount of $500,000 for bodily injury and property damage on any one occurrence. The insurance provided must name the Farmington Municipal School district and the Board of Education as additionally insured and hold them harmless from liability exposure.

22. Any extra technicians needed for load-ins or operating of theatrical equipment must be approved by the Theater Manager.  Special effects must be approved by the Theater Manager.

23. Dressing Rooms, Box Office, and/or any related areas must be requested on the TCPAT Reservation and Agreement form as needed prior to event.

24.  To secure use of the theater, all fees must be prepaid by a negotiable check or money order and submitted with the executed TCPAT Reservation and Agreement form to the Theater Manager at least two weeks in advance of the event.